About us


Ditron Precision Ltd. was founded in 1968 in Ashkelon, 55 km. South of Tel Aviv.
The Deutsch Company of Los Angeles, California, purchased the controlling interest in 1979 adding Israel to its long list of world-wide interests. In 2006, the Deutsch Company liquidated their world-wide assets, and a local entity became the sole proprietor of Ditron Precision. Today, Ditron Precision employs more than 130 workers including engineers and technicians, in an ultra-modern factory that occupies 6000 square meters.

Key Figures

Over the past five years Ditron Precision has invested heavily in state of the art CNC machines, single spindle, multi-spindle and Swiss type automatic screw machines up to 48.0 mm. The expansion of its machine pool with the most modern and versatile machinery available in the world enables Ditron Precision to keep up with an increased demand from its existing clients and also to provide a platform for solid growth.



Ditron Precision is a leading manufacturer of precision machined components located in Israel. Ditron's balanced geographic presents is a key strength. in 2010 Ditron established a network od distrubution centers in France, Poland, Germany and in North America. Offices strategically located in Detroit Mi. offer immediate services and support to all of our US customers.